A recent polling report on public attitudes to money provided insights to behaviours around finance and investment when comparing men to women.

Just for fun - and for a chance to WIN £50 worth of vouchers for Jo Malone – why not have a go at completing the % results in this editions Money Quiz, as to what you think the public views were in the poll.  

We’ve provided you with three potential answers for each question and you just need to guess the correct ones!

Send your answers to by 30th June 2019 along with your preferred method of contact should you win. The winner will be notified shortly after this date. Good luck!

1: -  23% of men in the UK have no investments or funds compared to what percentage of women – 32%, 40% or 48%?

2: - What percentage of women believe that the financial industry tends to target men with information rather than men and/or women – 23%, 33% or 43%?

3: - What percentage of women don’t think that financial institutions understand them or their needs – 42%, 50% or 58%?

4: - What percentage of women care about where their money is invested (e.g. making a positive impact) – 63%, 73% or 83%? 

5: - 50% of men in the UK have a workplace pension, but what percentage of women hold one – 35%, 41% or 47%?