What’s your one liner? Marketing expert Victoria explains the importance of clarifying your business message

Victoria Branch is a Certified Practicing Marketer and has worked within senior marketing positions throughout her career before launching her own business VB Marketing in 2015.  

Victoria, originally from Nottingham now runs specialist marketing consultancy VB Marketing in West Bridgford.  With over twenty years’ experience in senior marketing and management roles across a range of industries.  Victoria explains, “It’s every marketers’ dream to break away and set up their own business at some point in their career, with my achievements and network behind me, the time felt right to launch my business”.

Victoria has been working with the team at Cockburn Lucas 4 Women over the last few months supporting them with their social media and recruitment communications.

 “I love the variety of business sectors I work with and the fabulous ambitious people I meet.  In a nut shell, I aim to understand where a business is now, where they want to get to and then how by clarifying their message, they can grow their business through effective marketing.

With extensive experience of branding and lead generation, VB Marketing specialises in supporting businesses with their marketing plans, project management and marketing implementation.

“One of the most important tips I give all business owners is:  what one line or statement clearly defines what your business delivers to your customer…. remembering that the customer is the hero, not your brand.  This one-liner must be simple, relevant and then memorised by all members of your team so that it rolls off the tongue when people ask.  People are wondering how you can make their lives better.  Here’s a great example:

The demographic is a busy mum, the business is a Pilates Studio:  “we help mums get a weekly, meaningful workout so they feel healthy and full of energy”.

Once you have your one-liner and the team have memorised it, build it into your website and all your marketing collateral.


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