Planning your perfect future

I think we need to talk about your future!

For too long retirement planning has been promoted as one of life's less exciting financial  commitments. (But then maybe that's because so many financial planning websites are written by men for men.)

In my experience - and in my clients' experience - retirement planning is actually one of the most satisfying ways of saving for the future. You could say it is a way of making sure the future you want happens how and when you want it.

The freedom to choose

Have you thought about the life you want to lead when you retire?

Never mind the nuts and bolts of pension wrappers and tax relief - we'll get to all of that. To begin with, just imagine how your ideal retirement will look and feel. That's the starting point.

Do you want to retire early?

Do you want the freedom to travel?

Do you want to be able to draw from your pension as and when you want?

Together, we'll work back from your vision of retirement to find the pension plan or alternative solution that will work for you. I'll help you choose a solution that lets you maintain your current lifestyle - if that's what you want. You might want to take a look at our guide to pensions and tax planning for high earners to get you started. Or perhaps a plan that will let you scale down your work to part time hours would suit you more. Our guide to drawing from your pension will help.

Pension planning and divorce

Inevitably, divorce will change the way you think about your retirement...

Perhaps you will have had to give up a share of your pension in the settlement, or perhaps your ex-husband has. In either case, you'll need to reassess what you need to do to secure your financial future.

Again, I can help. Because as well as having the financial experience, I've experienced divorce too. And I can promise you that, with a bit of careful planning, you can still achieve your retirement goals, without any major compromises.

There really are plenty of options open to you and we will find a solution that works.

Are there better ways to save for the future?

You've worked hard. You deserve the best return on any investment you make. So I can honestly say that pension planning is the best, most tax-efficient way to save for your future.

You'll also be eligible for tax relief on all pension contributions at your highest marginal rate. We can talk through all your options...

You never know, you might even start to find saving for your future just a little bit exciting too!

It all starts here

Just give us a call on 0115 981 9529 or use our contact form and we'll set up a meeting - somewhere to suit you - to start talking through your options.


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