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Party dresses, workplace reforms, Papagena

This week the government introduces new legislation described as the “largest upgrade to workers’ rights in a generation”. What are they and what do they mean for the female work-force? Jane speaks to Kate Bell, Head of Economic and Social Affairs from the Trades Union Congress and to Matthew Taylor who carried out a review for the government into the modern workplace on which this new legislation is based. The five all-female vocal group Papagena sing music that spans nine centuries, from 12th century Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, to Katy Perry. They'll be performing some of their favourite festive songs from the new album, ‘The Darkest Midnight' Why do so many of us fear retirement? And what’s the best way of approaching this new stage of life? Journalist Celia Dodd talks to Jane about how and why we need to challenge stereotypical ideas around retirement and how we can make the most of our lives when we are no longer constrained by a working week. The festive party season is in full swing and shop windows are filled with party dresses. Who is spending money on them? Why do we feel we have to dress up? And what is trending this season? Frankie Graddon, head of fashion and beauty at The Pool advises. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Caroline Donne Interviewed guest: Kate Bell Interviewed guest: Matthew Taylor Interviewed guest: Celia Dodd, Interviewed guest: Frankie Graddon Interviewed guests: Papagena

Drinking anxiety, Rose McGowan, Working in a care home

After a night out how do you feel? Anxious? Paranoid? The feeling of overwhelming guilt, stress and worry you experience the day after a drinking binge is called ‘hangxiety’. New research by UCL found that shy people are more prone to 'hangxiety' yet enjoy drinking because it helps them loosen up. Jane speaks to journalist Marisa Bate who's experienced it many times. We are hear from Dr Sarah Jarvis who gives us some tips on how to cope during the Christmas party season. In October 2017 the actor Rose McGowan said she was paid by Harvey Weinstein to keep quiet about alleged sexual assaults. She was one of eight actresses who made similar allegations. Their claims were a big part of the #MeToo movement. Weinstein denies all charges of non-consensual sex and has been on bail since May. Meanwhile, Rose’s life has changed in many ways since she went public. Now she's in London and is involved in a film which has just been shown at the Heist Gallery in East London. She talks to Woman's Hour about what the last 12 months has been like for her. More women die of lung cancer every year than from breast and ovarian cancer combined. The main cause of lung cancer for men and women is smoking but a significant number of people with a diagnosis are non-smokers and nearly eighty per cent of those are women. We hear from one women who's never smoked and was fit and healthy until her early 50s when she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. We also hear from a lung cancer expert.

Natasha Gordon, Consent videos, Two-week wait after IVF

Natasha Gordon tells us about her new play Nine Night and how it feels to be the first black British female playwright to have a play showing in the West End. What difference does it make to have female MP’s and voters when it comes to improving women’s lives? We hear from MPs Nusrat Ghani from the Conservatives, Labour's Jess Phillips, Jo Swinson from the Liberal Democrats and Hannah Bardell of the SNP. We’ll also hear from Sarah Childs, professor of Politics and Gender at Birkbeck and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu lawyer and women’s rights activist. Georgia has elected its first female President. The Caucasus correspondent for BBC news Rayhan Demytrie explains what this mean for the country. Why are some men asking women to record their consent before sex? We discuss what this shows about understanding consent with Rachel King a journalist who was recently asked to make such a recording and Alix Fox a sex writer and presenter of Radio 1 podcast, Unexpected Fluids. We discuss the stress of the dreaded two week wait after IVF. Izzy Judd is a podcaster and creator of the Uber Barrens Club website; Katy Lidemann is a writer; and Geeta Nargund is a fertility expert. The American columnist and writer Roxane Gay on her book Hunger, fatphobia and feminism. Beer expert, Melissa Cole’s new book The Beer Kitchen combines her two passions: beer and food. She explains the difference between taste and flavour and how to assess beer and pair it with food. Presented by Jane Garvey Produced by Rabeka Nurmahomed Edited by Jane Thurlow Interviewed guest: Natasha Gordon Interviewed guest: Nusrat Ghani Interviewed guest: Jess Phillips Interviewed guest: Jo Swinson Interviewed guest: Hannah Bardell Interviewed guest: Sarah Childs Interviewed guest: Shola Mos-Shogbamimu Interviewed guest: Rayhan Demytrie Interviewed guest: Rachel King Interviewed guest: Alix Fox Interviewed guest: Izzy Judd Interviewed guest: Katy Lidemann Interviewed guest: Geeta Nargund Interviewed guest: Roxane Gay Interviewed guest: Melissa Cole

Woman's Hour celebrates 100 years since the first women voted in a UK election

December 14th is the 100th anniversary of the first time some women, an estimated eight million of them, were eligible to vote. It was also the first time that women were able to stand for election as a Member of Parliament. We’ll be celebrating these milestones in a special programme broadcasting live from Parliament. Jane Garvey will be joined by a panel of current women MPs and by an invited audience of past MPs, Youth Parliamentarians, academics and campaigners for change. We’ll be hearing why our vote matters, what impact women voters and women MPs have on policy that benefits women? How much has changed for MPs since the early days of Nancy Astor, and just when will we see a 50:50 Parliament? Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Kirsty Starkey Producer: Dianne McGregor Interviewed Guest: Jo Swinson MP Interviewed Guest: Jess Phillips MP Interviewed Guest: Nusrat Ghani MP Interviewed Guest: Hannah Bardell MP Interviewed Guest: Dame Joan Ruddock Interviewed Guest; Baroness Anne Jenkin Interviewed Guest: Jordhi Nullatamby Interviewed Guest: Dr Mari Takayanagi Interviewed Guest: Professor Sarah Childs Interviewed Guest:Professor Rosie Campbell Interviewed Guest: Edwina Currie Interviewed Guest: Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu Interviewed Guest: Frances Scott

Natasha Gordon, Posh shops, Grandchildren

Natasha Gordon is the first black British female playwright to have a play on in the West End. She talks about her role as Lorraine in "Nine Night" which is all about family, food, music and a Jamaican mourning ritual. Online shopping is being blamed for the lack of footfall on the high street this year but Sue Elliott-Nicholls doesn’t do her shopping from her sofa. She loves nothing more than posh shops and browsing. She loves trying things on but not buying and occasionally quaffing champagne. After hearing from four grandmothers-to-be recently, many listeners got in touch to say that actually their experience of being a grandma has been very painful. That's because they've been denied contact with their grandchildren. We hear some of their stories as well as from Jane Jackson, founder of the Bristol Grandparents Support Group. What rights do grandparents have and how can broken relationships be repaired?

Pauline McLynn, Breast cancer and older mothers, Salome Zurabishvili, Melissa Cole

New research shows that women who have children in their 30's have a higher risk of breast cancer. Jenni asks Dr Emma Pennery, Clinical Director at Breast Cancer Care to look behind the headline and put the study into context. In her new production of Dr Faustus at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in London, director, Paulette Randall has cast the main roles of the menacing Mephistopheles and the Doctor as women. Best-known for her role as Mrs Doyle in the long-running comedy TV series Father Ted, Pauline McLynn plays the demon and talks to Jenni about the continued relevance of this cautionary tale. What are we prepared to sacrifice in the pursuit of power? Listener's got in touch after hearing criticism by Grandmothers to be of parents using mobile phones and screens in front of their young children. Lucy, one of those listeners, joins the programme to share her experiences along with the parenting commentator Ellie Gibson from the Scummy Mummies podcast. What kinds of advice do they get from their elders and can it ever be welcome? On Sunday 16th of December Salome Zurabishvili will be inaugurated as Georgia’s first elected woman president. What does this mean for the country? And how have Georgian women reacted? Caucasus Correspondent Rayhan Demytrie explains the significance of Zurabishvili and her rise to power. Beer expert, Melissa Cole’s new book ‘The Beer Kitchen’ combines her two passions: beer and food. She joins Jenni in the studio to talk about cooking with beer, the difference between taste and flavour and how to assess beer and pair it with food. Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Caroline Donne Guest: Dr. Emma Pennery Guest: Pauline McLynn Guest: Ellie Gibson Guest: Rayhan Demytrie Guest: Melissa Cole Photographer credit: Marc Brenner

Parenting: Mothers Bite Back

Some parents were outraged by an item they heard on Woman's Hour about grandmothers-to-be. What made them especially cross was the criticism of mums' use of phones and screens and the implication that parents were failing in their duties and not communicating with their children like in the good old days. Listener Lucy joined Jenni to share her experiences along with the parenting commentator Ellie Gibson from the Scummy Mummies podcast. What kinds of advice do they get from their elders and can it ever be welcome?

Columnist and Author Roxane Gay, 'Consent Videos', What Women Want From Support Workers

Roxane Gay is an American columnist and author. Her award-winning autobiography, Hunger, has been praised for opening difficult conversations around fatphobia and feminism. She talks to Jane Garvey about the politics of race, gender and sexuality - and how these things have impacted her life. What do women want from support workers when they access help with addiction, homelessness or other issues? Three former service users have been conducting research for the Commission on Domestic/Sexual Abuse and Multiple Disadvantage about what really matters to women in crisis. How important is it that workers have lived experience of trauma or addiction? In a post #MeToo era some men are going to extreme lengths to ensure they have consent from their female sexual partners. A new trend is seeing women being asked to record ‘consent videos’ before having sex with men. We look at the problem of consent and the recording of it Presenter Jane Garvey Producer Beverley Purcell Guest; Roxane Gay - photo credit Jay Grabiec Guest; Sonia Braham Guest; Naima Guest; Amanda Hailes Guest; Alix Fox Guest; Rachel King

IVF Waiting, Strokes, Craft Prize Winner

Trying to conceive should be happy but for couples struggling with infertility it can be a monthly rollercoaster of emotions. There's the pressure of having sex at certain times and then there's the dreaded two week wait after IVF to find out if you're pregnant. or not We hear what it’s like to keep trying for a baby for years and having to go through that two week waiting period repetitively. We speak to podcaster Izzy Judd and writer Katy Lindemann who've both experienced it as well as fertility expert Dr Geeta Nargund. Last night BBC 1 showed a drama about a working, single mum of 2 girls caring for her own mother after she's had a stroke. It starred Sheridan Smith and Alison Steadman and was written by Jimmy McGovern together with Gillian Juckes. Gillian drew on her real-life experience with her own mother. Women are at the very centre of this one-off drama which shows Sheridan's character putting her life on hold to look after her mother. It also flags up the struggle to get affordable care from the authorities. Today we chat to TV critic Emma Bullimore about the drama's impact and Fiona Lloyd-Davies who cares for her husband who had a stroke five years ago. Ceramist Phoebe Cummings is the winner of the Woman’s Hour Craft Prize. She won for her installation which disintegrated over time. We organised the prize in partnership with the V&A and Crafts Council, so one year on, how different has life been for the winner, Phoebe?

Actor Sharon D Clarke, Rotherham victim Sammy Woodhouse, Author Anna Freeman

The musical Caroline, or Change is now in the West End, continuing to provoke and entertain its audiences. We hear from its star Sharon D. Clarke There’s been story after story about arguments between The Royals. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markel’s relationship has been the source of many of the articles. Are they feuding, or aren’t they? Is it the media perpetuating a misogynistic storyline? Sammy Woodhouse was a victim of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and was 15 when she became pregnant by her attacker. She tells us why she wants the law allowing rapists to have contact with their children changed. Anna Freeman talks about her new novel, Five Days of Fog. A female shoplifting gang reaches a crisis during the Great Smog of 1952 do you go straight and move on when crime is all you’ve ever known? How easy is to find something that everyone in the family wants to watch on TV? And is it actually bonding time? Plus the mums turning to Baby Banks to pick up essential donated items like clothes, buggies and wipes. And we look at the BBC2 documentary that tells the story of The Missing Dubai Princesss . Presenter; Jenni Murray. Producer: Rabeka Nurmahomed Editor: Beverley Purcell

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