This is who we are

CL4Women is effectively the sister company of Cockburn Lucas. That means we share a lot of the same values. Like them, we're dedicated to giving you absolutely impartial and trustworthy financial advice. Like them, we're driven by the same drive to operate responsibly and ethically. And I'll tell you more about how we do that on our service proposition page.

Best of both worlds financial planning for women

At CL4Women, we have our own team, In fact the people you see on Meet The Team are the people you'll deal with when you get in touch. But we also have the resources and infrastructure of Cockburn Lucas to draw upon.

So the big question is: why do I think you need a for-women, by-women financial services provider? Here's why:

Breaking free from bad financial patterns

In the days before careers for women, before divorce and pension sharing, it was hard for women to gain real financial independence. Many of us will have seen women we care about learn to 'get by' on 'housekeeping' money. These women never had the resources to invest or save. Through no fault of their own, they never experienced true financial independence.

Even today, things are only marginally better. While more of us have careers, or make the choice to look after our families, our research shows that many women still lack true financial independence. That means that in cases of separation and divorce, or of outliving one's partner, our financial future will be thrown into doubt.

I don't think we should let that happen. So if we can advise you, please do let us know.  These are the people who will help you...

How to get in touch

You can call us on 0115 981 9529 or get in touch via our contact page. Even if you just need some peace of mind, do get in touch. Our initial consultation is absolutely free, and comes with no obligations.

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