Our Service Proposition

CL4Women is a financial service built by women for women

Sometimes we all need to talk to someone who can see things from our point of view…

As a woman, I know you will probably face different challenges – and very pressing financial pressures - following divorce or bereavement.

If you’ve been busy juggling your family life and your career, I understand that you may not have had the time to devote to managing your money, or planning your retirement.

Here's how CL4Women really is different

Wouldn't it be easier if you had a financial adviser who could not only give you the best advice, but could do it from a position of greater understanding?

That's why we started CL4Women. I believe it's an essential service for women today. And I want you to know that, whatever your circumstances, you can always turn to us for tailor-made financial support and understanding.

Together, we will create a financial plan that fits the way you live your life. 

Ongoing wealth management 

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do. For me, that's all about building great professional relationships...

For a start, we'll work with you to provide practical solution to your wealth management needs. But it doesn't stop there. Your needs might change, and your plans might have to adapt. So we'll go on supporting you with regular get-togethers to review your ongoing financial needs. 

Socially responsible investments

I'm delighted that our commitment to social responsibility matters so much to so many of you. We all know that everything we do - from how we live our lives to how we direct our money - impacts on the world around us.

That sounds like a huge responsibility, but I believe that we can embrace that responsibility...

If we agree that the key driver of the global economy is the monetary system, then we know we can start to make things better through the investments we make. And as consumers, we can choose to work with providers who share our values.

I will be delighted to work with you to build an ethical investment portfolio which also makes a positive difference to the lives of others, and helps improve the world we live in.

Love to speak to you

Whether you'd like to arrange an appointment, or ask us a question, please do get in touch. You can call us on 0115 981 9529 or send your enquiry via our contact page

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