Financial independence for women

Money may not bring you happiness, but it gives you the means to live the life you want.

From speaking to so many different women, some of whom have been pursuing a career, some who have been bereaved, some who have separated or divorced, I know how important true financial independence really is. Through my work as an Independent Financial Planner, I've met far too many women who thought that their financial futures were out of their hands. Women who felt trapped by their financial status.

Fortunately, through Cockburn Lucas 4 Women, I've been able to help them achieve their personal aspirations. And I'd love to help you too. Through CL4Women, I’m here to support you in making the most informed financial decisions about your future.

Together we can change the way you think about your personal finances. Together we can help you plan the future you really want, or make the most of your money now.

Financial planning for women by women

We created CL4Women to help women like you to take responsibility for your finances. We'll guide you through some critical life stages:

But it isn't just about the advice... This website is my baby - and I'd like to tell you more about why I think you'll enjoy working with us. So I've also included guides to our unique service proposition, and our exclusive sisterhood events...

If you ever have any questions, please do give us a call on 0115 981 9529 and speak to one of our financial services team. We'll always be happy to hear from you.

Click here to download our free guide, Re-Defining Financial Planning for Women.


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