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Women's innovation in tech; Working in retail; Valerie's Life in Shoes

Two of this year’s TechWomen100 Award winners join Jane to discuss getting more women and girls into the tech industries, including via a new app. June Angelides, an investor, speaker and mentor who founded Mums in Tech has won the Editor’s Choice award. Rav Bumbra gets the Champion award for her work recruiting women to work in tech fields and mentoring schoolgirls. With non-essential retail due to open again tomorrow, we discuss the situation facing shop workers - many of whom are women - working in the UK's high street stores. Hastings shopkeeper Pratibha Paleja talks about the difficulties of dealing with frustrated customers and reports of shop workers being assaulted. Retail analyst Catherine Shuttleworth and Joanne Cairns, deputy head of research at the Union of Shop Distributive & Allied Workers discuss the wider issues facing women working in the sector, including the risk to jobs from the predicted collapse of the Arcadia group, and the reality of asking people to restrain their shopping in the run-up to Christmas. Listener Valerie tells the story of her adventurous life through a pair of shoes and two pairs of boots. She wore the boots while becoming the first British woman to summit Mount Manaslu, the trek shoes she bought for an Everest marathon and the fur-lined boots she wears when the temperature gets really low. How does it feel to reach the age your Mum was when she died? Jo Morris talks to four women who feel a clock ticking. Their stories are all different but they have one thing in common – none of them have felt able to talk about this before. They didn’t want to worry their loved ones or vocalise these dark thoughts. Titania is 44, her Mum died at 54 and her Gran at 64 and she feels she sees a pattern. Presenter - Jane Garvey Producer - Anna Lacey

Women and underpaid state pensions, Women's emotional labour at Christmas, Female footballers and dementia

It was found that thousands of married women could have been receiving underpaid state pensions. The Department of Work and Pensions has since been investigating its records and making payments. The former pensions Minister Steve Webb, who first highlighted the issue, believes that many more women, such as divorced and widowed women could be effected, and that the DWP could be looking at a bill in excess of £100 million. We speak to Steve Webb and to financial expert Jasmine Birtles about pension planning, and the impact coronavirus could have on future pensions. The Sage Christmas document says that 'women carry the burden of creating and maintaining family traditions and activities at Christmas'. “Messaging should be supportive of women adapting traditions and encouraging those around them to share the burden and to be supportive of any alterations to adapt for Covid-19 restrictions.” We speak to the behavioural scientist Dr Pragya Agarwal. We catch up with Pip Hare who is currently competing in the Vendee Globe solo round the world sailing race. It is considered to be one of the toughest sporting competitions: 24,000 miles as the crow flies, no help, no stops and no turning back. Are women footballers more at risk of dementia than men? Dr Michael Grey is a neuroscientist who is running a project at the UEA to monitor ex-footballers for early signs of dementia. He’s looking for more women to take part. He joins Jane along with footballer and former Crystal Palace player Freya Holdaway. The Duchess of Cambridge’s new report on children’s early years has revealed the struggle many parents face – from feeling lonely and struggling to find time for themselves, to feeling judged by other parents. How have those problems persisted through the pandemic? Ipsos Mori’s Kelly Beaver and Dr Guddi Singh join us to discuss the report and give some practical advice. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Dianne McGregor

Bonus podcast: The Conversation 100 Women

Celebrating the BBC 100 Women list 2020 Kim Chakanetsa and a panel of inspirational and influential women discuss whether some changes made because of Covid-19 restrictions could be seen as positive. They answer questions about bringing communities together, supporting lonely people and increasing flexibility for more inclusive employment. Shani Dhanda is an award-winning disability specialist and social entrepreneur from the UK. She founded the Asian Woman Festival and Asian Disability Network. The pandemic has proved that flexible and home working is viable, and she wants to make sure our new online solutions are here to stay so that the world remains accessible to us all. Karen Dolva has been seeking technological solutions to involuntary loneliness since 2015. A co-founder of No Isolation based in Norway, she’s helped develop a telepresence robot for children with long-term illness, and KOMP, a one-button screen for seniors. With reports from around the world of people feeling increasingly isolated because of Covid restrictions – should tech like this be used more widely? Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, became Mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2018 with an inclusive vision of the city's renewal and a three-year plan to "Transform Freetown" and tackle environmental degradation and facilitating the creation of jobs in the tourism sector. #FreetownTheTreeTown was launched this January and already over 450,000 seedlings have been to address flooding, soil erosion and water shortages faced by the city. She says we can turn frustration and dissatisfaction into positive change. What can we learn from such an approach post-Covid? Aditi Mittal is India’s best known female stand-up comedian, who is finding new ways to perform safely and online. She also hosts the Women in Labour podcast, and hopes that the increased time at home for many male workers in India has shone a light on the amount of time required to run a household, something that has always been a big barrier to the female workforce. Produced by Jane Thurlow and

Weekend Woman's Hour - Ozlem Cekic, The Crown, Lockdown Bickering

Ozlem Cekic, one of the first Muslim women with an immigrant background to enter Danish parliament, tells us why she decided to meet up with the people who sent her racist emails. We discuss whether a new women's centre at the site of the former Holloway Women's Prison will get the go ahead. We hear from Lucy who's with Reclaim Holloway and also from the last woman to leave the prison four years ago. The lastest series of the drama The Crown has introduced a new generation to Princess Diana as well as her depression and her bulimia. We hear from the former BBC Royal Correspondent, Jennie Bond, and from Ali Pantony of Glamour Magazine. The chef and writer, Marie Mitchell, tells us about her love of Caribbean food and culture and how to cook the perfect Roti. And we discuss bickering with Penny Mansfield from the relationships charity One Plus One. She tells us why she thinks the pandemic has bought out the bickerer in many of us. One of our listeners, Deborah, tells us what starts off a bickering argument with her partner. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Rabeka Nurmahomed Editor: Siobhan Tighe

The Crown, Diana and a New Generation

The fourth series of The Crown currently airing on Netflix lays bare the ups and downs of the royal marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer . The drama has introduced a new generation to the Princess, her depression and struggles with the eating disorder bulimia. Jane Garvey talks to the veteran royal watcher Jennie Bond and also to Ali Pantony from Glamour magazine who has herself suffered from bulimia and who says the issues faced by Diana three decades ago have resonated strongly with young people today. Next week the government begins a scheme to get more than a million university students back home safely to their families in time for Christmas. This includes on-campus mass testing using self test kits which give results in 30 minutes, cutting out the need to use a laboratory . Jane Garvey talks to the Universities Minister Michelle Donelan about this and other issues-from the rise in students experiencing mental health problems to the challenges of online tuition. How does it feel to reach the age your Mum was when she died? In a new series we talk to four women who feel a clock ticking. Their stories are all different but they have one thing in common – none of them have felt able to talk about this before. They didn’t want to worry their loved ones or vocalise these dark thoughts. They describe their fears as well as the joy of ordinary life and the freedom that comes from realising that you are not your mother. First, we’ll be hearing from Rachel whose Mum died shortly after turning 40. ‘The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside’ is the debut novel of Jessica Ryn. Published yesterday, Jessica, having only recently finished her MA in Creative Writing, joins Jane to talk about the inspiration for her setting her first book in a hostel for the homeless in Dover. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Kirsty Starkey Interviewed Guest: Jennie Bond Interviewed Guest: Ali Pantony Interviewed Guest: Michelle Donelan Interviewed Guest: Jessica Ryn

Chef Marie Mitchell. NUS President Larissa Kennedy. The real Audrey Hepburn. Power List: Our Planet

The Island Social Club was created to fill the void of what was once London’s thriving Caribbean social scene. Chef, writer and co-founder Marie Mitchell explores Caribbean food and culture while creating a space for second and third generation British people of Caribbean descent to connect with their heritage. Marie talks abut food and identity and shows us how to Cook the Perfect Roti, one of the cornerstones of Caribbean cuisine. After a difficult first term of online tuition, lockdowns and social distancing it’s been a University experience like no other for young people.. The Government has issued guidelines about how they plan to get students home in time for Christmas which include a mass testing programme on campuses to reduce risk of infection. NUS President Larissa Kennedy joins Nicola to discuss university life in the time of Covid and the testing strategy. Audrey Hepburn was a legendary star of Hollywood’s Golden Age – infamous for her acting, as well as her style. But what do we know about the real woman behind the image? We hear from Helena Coan the director of a new film Audrey which features never before seen footage of her life, and Audrey’s granddaughter Emma Ferrer. The Woman’s Hour Power List: Our Planet has highlighted the breadth of work that goes into helping the environment, and today we feature two women in the finance sector. Caroline Mason is no. 16 on the List and is the CEO of the Esmée Fairbain Foundation, which finances lots of environmental and social projects. Catherine Howarth is no.21 and is the CEO of ShareAction, which persuades investors to think more sustainably. Presenter Nicola Beckford Producer Beverley Purcell

Stella Gibbons, HMP Holloway, Sandra Horley

Stella Gibbons' first novel was Cold Comfort Farm. First published in 1932, it became an instant bestseller and made fun of country life. Another one of her novels called My American will be serialized on BBC Radio 4 next week. The writer Lynne Truss discusses Stella's life and work. Four years ago the largest women's prison in Western Europe, HMP Holloway in London, was closed. The building has huge historic significance. partly because of its links to the suffragettes, especially the Pankhurst sisters. But what will happen to the site now that the prison has gone? Refuge is the UK's largest domestic violence service. It has a network of refuges and community-based support, as well as a 24-hour helpline. Every year it supports 80,000 women and children. Sandra Horley has been Refuge’s Chief Executive for over 40 years. She comes onto Woman's Hour to talk about her time in charge.

Syria's disappeared, The orgasm cult, Bickering, Taxidermy

Wafa Mustafa is a Syrian refugee currently living in Berlin. Her father was arrested in Syria on July 2nd 2013 and has not been heard from since. Wafa is just one of many Syrian women, who are part of Families for Freedom, a woman-led movement searching for family members who were detained or 'disappeared' by the Syrian regime, ISIS and other armed groups during Syria's brutal civil war. She joins Jane to explain why she has been sitting outside a court in Koblenz with over 60 framed photographs. They are joined by the BBC's Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville. A new BBC podcast, The Orgasm Cult, looks into a wellness company called One Taste and it’s co-founder, Nicole Daedone, who believed that orgasm would one day sit alongside yoga and meditation as the self-care practice for the modern empowered woman. One Taste taught orgasmic meditation or Om-ing as it’s called by those in the know. Reporter Nastaran Tavakoli-Far talks to Jane. Do you and your other half bicker? Has lockdown brought out the bickerer in you? Or maybe you see it in others, especially couples who’ve been together for a long time. We speak to Penny Mansfield, expert on relationships from One Plus One and Deborah and Gary Marshall. Elle Kaye specialises in bird taxidermy. Aged 27, she is one of a growing number of young women who have made taxidermy their trade. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Dianne McGregor

Spending review 2020; Maureen Lipman’s shoes; Özlem Cekic

Women have been worst hit in financial and economic terms by the pandemic so the spending review coming up this week is of particular interest this year. It’s when the chancellor sets out his big picture for the next three or four years in terms of what each government department will have to spend. This time round though Rishi Sunak will be laying out his plan for just one year because of the uncertainties facing the UK. Paul Johnson from the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Mary-Ann Stephenson from the Women’s Budget Group discuss the key areas to watch for which could impact women. My Life In Shoes. The actress Eve Pearce has written a poem about her main life events remembered through her footwear - from wellingtons to brogues and satin heels. The actress Maureen Lipman talks to Jane about their friendship, and her own favourite black suede courts which she wore to Buckingham Palace, plus the role that shoes play in helping her get into character. Özlem Cekic was one of the first women with a Muslim immigrant background to enter the Danish parliament. When she started receiving hate email from people who thought she should ‘go home’, she just deleted or ignored it. Then one day she decided to go and meet some of the senders. She was offered coffee and home-made cake at their houses, and talked with them for hours. So began a decade of trying to build bridges with people who hold extreme views. She tells Jane why she is convinced we should try to listen and understand them, and confront our own prejudices in the process. Özlem has written a book called Overcoming hate through dialogue. As part of our Power List coverage we’re talking to Marian Spain who’s in charge of Natural England. It launched The Nature Recovery Network this month. And Sarah Johnson who works in Lancashire, restoring peatland in her area. Peat is really important for absorbing carbon dioxide and helps combat climate change.

Woman’s Hour Power List, No 10 - Women behind the scenes, Moving house, Nadine Shah, Older women and long hair

The Woman’s Hour Power List reveal celebrates women from across the UK who are making a significant contribution to the health and sustainability of our planet. Number 2 on the list is environmental lawyer Farhana Yamin. Boris Johnson’s government has been criticised for its lack of women at the top table. The dramatic departure of Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain from Downing Street has led to calls for a female led reset at Number 10. We hear from Katie Perrior, former advisor at number 10 and Anji Hunter who was Tony Blair’s “gatekeeper” and longest serving aide. The appeal of moving house. Jane Christmas has written a book about the 32 house moves she’s made in 66 years. Linda Hill has moved just once in 37 years of marriage. Singer songwriter Nadine Shah talks about her latest album Kitchen Sink which explores the themes of fertility, tradition & identity. Older women and long hair - the dos and don’ts of hair care as you age with fashion journalist Alyson Walsh and hair stylist Ashley Gaunt. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Paula McFarlane Editor: Dianne McGregor

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