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Jo’s thoughts on achieving financial independence

Many of us learn some significant financial lessons from our parents. Sadly, they’re not all good lessons. In the image of mum or dad, many of us unconsciously become a saver or a spender.

Typically, women tend to be more strongly influenced by their mothers, and I’m no exception. I saw my mum work hard for her family, but I never saw her have any financial independence. She lived from housekeeping payment to housekeeping payment, year after year. 

Now, I know that money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it gives us all choices. And, our market research shows that women want the freedom to decide how to use their money. We want the opportunity to save for a holiday; or the opportunity to put some more money away for an earlier retirement.

It isn’t the money that liberates us, it’s the freedom to choose how we use it.

I am passionate about changing the way women think about finance. So it’s no wonder I became an independent financial adviser!

I’ve seen too many industrious, intelligent women work hard in the home or in the workplace without ever taking full control of their finances. But I know that, through CL4Women, I can help more of you achieve a secure financial future.

Together, we can make you better equipped to make informed decisions about your future. Together we can make sure you achieve real financial freedom. 

Enterprise Investment Scheme Association Awards Better Society Awards PARA Professional Adviser - IA Money Marketing 2018