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Bumps in the road ahead and how to prepare for them

Posted on 13 Dec 2021

It has been a strange couple of years for investors. There was a lot of noise and panic in the air back in early 2020, when stock markets and asset prices plunged in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, an unprecedented speedy recovery meant that investor despair quickly tur... Continue Reading

What to consider with an Enterprise Investment Scheme

Posted on 13 Dec 2021

Over recent years we have seen an increased demand amongst our clients for private equity investments. Not only are higher-rate taxpayers and those selling businesses looking for legitimate ways to reduce their tax bills, investors are also considering how they can diversify their portfolio of ‘mains... Continue Reading

Inflation – What is it and how can it affect your savings?

Posted on 13 Dec 2021

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately regarding inflation, both in the UK and globally, with many predicting some sharp increases on the horizon.  Indeed, in his recent Autumn budget, the Chancellor announced that the rate of inflation in the UK is expected to average 4% in 2022.... Continue Reading

Five common responsible investing myths debunked

Posted on 13 Dec 2021

With COP26 having been in the news during November, issues such as climate change have once again been leading the headlines as world leaders discuss their plans on how and when to reach a ‘net zero’ economy. As we all become increasingly aware of environmental and societal issues, investors continue ... Continue Reading